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3.31.2000 The Heavy Gear News Network announced the re-launch of its new website format with the following features:

  • An interview with our very own Michael Vance concerning Heavy Gear 2 for Linux
  • Heavy Gear 2 for Linux giveaway (5 copies)

    3.29.2000 Gamespy.com stopped at our office for their Developer and Publisher Tour. Included in the article are some very nice shots of our office. Check out the article here!

    3.22.2000 JackedIN Radio will be featuring portions of their interview with our lead programmer Sam Lantinga on their website. You can listen to it Thursday March 23rd at 4pm PST on their website.

    3.21.2000 Scott Draeker will participate in the IRC forum hosted by the linux.com games staff on Wednesday, March 22. Go to irc.openprojects.net at 8pm EST in #loki.

    3.20.2000 We are now accepting pre-orders for Heavy Gear II. This exciting title is the first Linux game to support 3D-Audio using OpenAL. Find out more about Heavy Gear II here.

    3.17.2000 OCWeekly has posted a story about our very own Scott Draeker. The story includes a picture of Scott hard at work. Check it out here!

    3.15.2000 Lead programmer Sam Lantinga has an interview on Fragbait. You can also catch members of the Loki team live and in person this Saturday at the LUGFest hosted by the Simi Conejo Linux Users Group.

    3.13.00 Our programmers have been busy! We proudly announce Heroes III 1.3 and Railroad Tycoon II 1.54b. On the open-source front, we release Setup 1.2.

    3.9.2000 Check out an interview with Michael Vance, Loki programmer and OpenAL developer, on Linux Games.

    3.9.2000 There is a new, improved version of the Heroes of Might and Magic III demo. It includes some new features, as well as some bug fixes, download it here!

    3.8.2000 It's here! Loki officially announces OpenAL, the open-source, cross-platform 3D-Audio library. See our press release here and the new OpenAL website.Loki and Creative will be handing out OpenAL source CDs at the Game Developers Conference. We're in booth 2021 of the job fair section.

    3.8.2000 We are happy to announce the Myth II 1.3d patch, available for both Intel (glibc 2.0 and 2.1) and PPC (2.1). The patch to make Myth II dynamically linked is also available, and can be applied on top of the 1.3d patch. Go here for download information.

    3.7.2000 Reviews of our games are everywhere! Check out LinuxGames for a preview of Heavy Gear II, The Linux Gurus for a review of Heroes of Might and Magic III,Graphics Muse for a review of Railroad Tycoon II, and The New OS has a review of Heretic II.

    3.6.2000 We are proud to announce SMJPEG 0.2.1 and SMPEG 0.3.4. You may download these new versions of our exciting open-source projects from our development page.

    3.4.2000 We have released a new version of the Myth 2 demo that incorporates many patch fixes. Download it here.

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