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April 1999 News

4.29.99 The following brick and mortar stores will be carrying Civilization: Call to Power for Linux: Fry's, Micro Center, Best Buy, and Comp USA. More to come!

4.26.99 The Linux version of Civilization: Call to Power will ship during the week of May 3. We delayed shipment by a week so that we could integrate Activision's first patch for the game. Among other things, the patch fixes bugs, provides some UI enhancements and provides network compatibility between the Linux and Windows versions.

We have entered into distribution agreements covering the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan. Setting up distribution has taken longer than we hoped -- this is a ground breaking product after all. But we are confident that the distributors we have chosen will work quickly to get Civ:CTP and our upcoming products into the stores where people buy software.

Most of the stores where our products will be sold do not yet accept orders, and in many cases don't even have the products listed in their computer. This is already changing now that our distributors are actively selling to these accounts. We'll be posting a list of stores that carry our products as the information comes in.

In the meantime, please don't harass anyone at your local software store. For the most part, these chains purchase nationally, and the individual stores have very little control over what products they carry. If we announce that a chain is carrying our products and your local store doesn't know about it, please tell us. We can work with the national offices to rectify the problem.

4.25.99 Members of the press, please contact us if you would like to review the Linux port of Civ:CTP -- even if you have already done so. We are forced to recreate our press list from scratch, and don't want to overlook anyone.

4.22.99 Stop the CD replicator! Call the programmers back from vacation! Activision has just prepared version 1.1 of the Windows version of Civilization: Call to Power. We have decided to wait a few more days to ship our product so we can incorporate the many bug fixes and feature improvements into our first release. We apologize for the delay, but promise you will be pleased with the results! We now plan to ship on May 1.

4.13.99 We went gold with our first release, the Linux port of Civilization: Call to Power.

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