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4.27.2000 Our latest title, Heavy Gear II, is earning rave reviews. Check out what Tucows and LinuxWorld have to say!

4.26.2000 Maximum Linux features a full review of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire in the the April/May edition. Pick up a copy and check it out!

4.21.2000 A new version of Setup has been released. You can look at the README file for all the new updates and features included!

4.18.2000 If you're thirsting for more vistas to conquer, now you can make your own vista -- with the beta version of the Heroes III Map Editor! Go ahead and build your own Fields of Elysium -- though please note that this beta is only for Intel Pentium-compatible computers. You can get it on the Heroes III update page.

4.18.2000 Loki and lead programmer Sam Lantinga have been named one of the Top 20 Influential People, Products and Companies in the Linux Graphics Marketplace by Graphics Muse. Loki senior programmer Bernd Kreimeier has also been busy in his spare time -- see his Peak into Game Design on Gamasutra.

4.17.2000 We now have newsgroups up on our support pages for our works in progress. They are Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Sim City 3000 and Soldier of Fortune, so if you have questions about those games, post them there!

4.10.2000 Speak German? Check out reviews of Heretic II and Heroes of Might and Magic III on the new German site Zocks. Speak Italian? Then see more reviews of Heroes on ZioBudda and Next Game.

4.10.2000 Think you're good at Quake 3 Arena? Willing to test out your skills against 320 other players? Then go sign up now for the Quake 3 Arena Tournament, which is being held at Linux Business Expo in Chicago, Illinois on April 18th till the 20th. You have to be onsite to compete, but that way you can reap the rewards of our killer prizes!

4.8.2000 For those of you wanting to do a bit of gaming over the weekend and beyond, we've released a new demo version of Heretic II for Linux. To top it all off, we've also released an update patch for the full version of Heretic II for those of you who have already taken the plunge. Have at it!

4.7.2000 Matt Matthews has a new review of Heretic 2 on LinuxGames. The review examines single-player's story mode, the uniqueness of multiplayer deathmatch, and issues resolved by the recent beta patch release.

4.5.2000 SMPEG 0.3.5 is now available here. This is the last stable release before the new streaming architecture. Enjoy!

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