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6.30.2000 This week we released updates to two of our programs. Setup 1.3.0, our open source installer, is available here, and Linux SDK 201, our beta2 of the Quake 3 Editor, is available here. Enjoy!

6.28.2000 BeOpen.com also has an interview with Scott Draeker. The focus is on Open Source vs. closed source game development. Read it here.

6.27.2000 Gamers Depot interviews Scott Draeker on Loki's future plans and why everyone should upgrade to Linux as their gaming OS of choice. Read it here.

6.26.2000 Lead programmer Sam Lantinga discusses Loki and life in a TUCOWS interview. Read it here.

6.26.2000 Read the new GameSpy interview with Scott Draeker here. The article also features screen shots from our upcoming games and pictures of our programmers.

6.22.2000 Another preview of a great game to come! Canada Computes covers our port of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and the Alien Crossfire expansion pack. Read it here!

6.22.2000 Check out what Linux.com has to say in a preview of Soldier of Fortune, then check out our list of resellers to pre-order your copy today!

6.21.2000 Have the full copy of Heavy Gear II? Then download patch 1.00a here.

6.20.2000 A thrilling combat adventure pitting robot against robot awaits you! Pit squads of your best mechanized warriors against the enemy to save Terra Nova -- but sheer firepower won't be enough. Use your guile and wits to get behind enemy lines and use your resources to their fullest. But first, download the demo for Heavy Gear II here.

6.16.2000 We now release the Beta4 version of the Heroes of Might and Magic III Map Editor. Find out more information here.

6.15.2000 Our lead programmer Sam Lantinga discusses his SDL work in a new interview on Linux power.

6.13.2000 Today a special release of SMPEG, with support for arbitrary scaling, seeking, and improved time synchronization. This release also works on Win32 and BeOS, but are not officially supported on those platforms. See our development page for more information.

6.13.2000 Learn more about Loki and our senior programmer Bernd Kreimeier on Zocks.

6.4.2000 Linux Games Come of Age, according to a feature story by ZDNet. We've known this for some time! Scott Draeker, Loki founder and president, describes the Linux gaming scene in his interview with Linux4us.

6.3.2000 It's here! The Soldier of Fortune demo is now available for Linux users! Download your copy from FilePlanet or our other generous mirror providers listed here.

6.2.2000 More reviews! Check out the writeups on Heavy Gear II by Nextgame.it (Italian), Heroes of Might and Magic III by Canadacomputes.com, and Eric's Ultimate Solitaire and Heavy Gear II by 32BitsOnline.

6.2.2000 Get ready to Rock N Ride! We officially announce our port of Descent 3 today. Read our release and contribute to the newsgroup.

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