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July 1999 News

7.29.99 Dying to try out Myth II for Linux? If your lust for battle just can't wait any longer, we've got a demo for you, available for Intel and PowerPC computers. Just look for it on the Myth II demo page.

7.28.99 More great press: at UpsideToday Loki President Scott Draeker shares his views about games for Linux in an interview with Sam Williams entitled "Let the Games Begin".

7.27.99 We are now accepting orders for Myth II! Gird yourself for new epic battles with Soulblighter. Hope your armor isn't rusty. Find out more on the products page.

7.27.99 Welcome to our new website! We've contracted with John Grantham to design, program and produce our site. Our apologies for the delay, which was due to troubles because of our recent move. Note that our URL has not yet been transferred to the new server. We hope you enjoy the site!

7.27.99 Our open source MPEG player, SMPEG, is now in version 0.2.6 and includes PowerPC support. Find out more on our development page.

7.22.99 Yes, the rumors are true! We are now working on the Linux client version of Heretic II by Raven Software. We will soon issue a full press release with other exciting news. In the meantime you'll just have to wonder...

7.22.99 Loki and Linux games are mentioned in the current issue of U.S. News and World Report!

7.14.99 We announced a strategic alliance with Terra Soft Solutions, a leader in the Linux for PowerPC arena. See the full press release.

7.14.99 Check out a thorough review on Ext2 of our upcoming release, the Linux version of Myth II: Soulblighter.

7.11.99 We have the cover story in the August issue of Linux Journal! There's an in-depth interview with president Scott Draeker and lead programmer Sam Lantinga.

7.1.99 A great review on LinuxWorld and accompanying article on "The Games Users Play."

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