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7.31.2000 GameSpy chats with Loki president Scott Draeker about Linux gaming. Read it here.

7.28.2000 We've gone GOLD with Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack! You can experience the pleasures and dangers of conquering an alien planet with our just released demo, then preorder your copy here. Enjoy!

7.28.2000 Soldiers of fortune, download the first patch here!

7.27.2000 Today we release beta 3 of the Linux Quake 3 SDK. This version features the important addition of the tools necessary to build Quake 3 mods! Click here for details.

7.21.2000 Put your piloting skills to the test with the Descent3 demo! Go here for download information, then place your preorder here. Heretic II owners should also download the deathmatch maps from here. Enjoy!

7.19.2000 Check out the preview of SimCity 3000 Unlimited on LinuxWorld!

7.18.2000 A preview and several reviews! Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri is previewed on Linux.com. Heretic II is reviewed on Linux Preview (Spanish), Myth II and Railroad Tycoon II on the Focus on Linux section of About.com, and Civilization: Call to Power on the new Linux gaming section on Zocks (German).

7.11.2000 Soldier of Fortune is here! Hot off the presses, the game is now on its way to our resellers and distributors. Buy yours today!

7.6.2000 Loki is now distributing PowerPlant, a powerful suite of developer tools and software for Linux from theKompany.com. Learn more about PowerPlant here or read our official release here.

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