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September 1999 News

9.30.99 In case you missed it, we've posted an update for Myth II for Linux. You can get the 1.3b patch on the updates page for Myth II. Happy patching!

9.29.99 Alpha users, rejoice! We've released a new 1.1 beta patch for Civilization: Call to Power for Alpha Linux users. Get the patch on our updates page for Civilization. If you find any bugs in the beta release, we'd like to hear from you on our bug report page.

9.17.99 Help Loki improve Civilization (both big C and little c)! We're looking for a few good hackers to take part in our contest, Loki Hack 1999. You could win a dual-processor monster hacking machine if you can prove your might in the annals of code. Just head on over to the registration page for more info!

9.17.99 Loki Everywhere: we've been written up in the Los Angeles Times, have made a cameo appearance in the inaugural issue of Maximum Linux Magazine, and our own Sam Lantinga pays a visit to Open Source IT and tells all about our open source project, SMJPEG. Stuff to read!

9.10.99 We're adding more newsgroups with wild abandon! Firstly, a new branch has been opened for discussion of our open source projects; each project has its very own newsgroup. You can get a list of both the current projects and currently active newsgroups in the development section. Also, we've added a newsgroup for players of Civilization: Call to Power for Linux, where you can challenge other players to a tournament--it's at (fittingly enough) loki.games.civ-ctp.tournament. A full list of all newsgroups is on the support page. Enjoy!

9.9.99 Rave reviews for Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux are cropping up everywhere! Check out the review at Games Weekly for starters, and for dessert, chomp into the review at LinuxWorld. Still can't get enough? Then check out the review page for Myth II. Bon appetit!

9.4.99 Ext2.org has written a rave review of our upcoming release of Railroad Tycoon II for Linux! Get the inside info here.

9.1.99 We've posted an update for Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux. Versions for Intel x86 with glibc 2.0 and 2.1 as well as for PowerPC with glibc 2.1 are available on the Myth II update page. Please note that we are also arranging mirror sites, so please be gentle with downloading until the mirrors are up and running.

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