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9.11.2000 WiReD News interviews Loki president Scott Draeker for its report on Linux Getting Its Game Face On.

9.10.2000 Download the new 428a patch for Unreal Tournament for Linux here!

9.8.2000 We're now working on the Linux version of Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns by TimeGate Studios! This looks to be an awesome real-time strategy game, and we plan a simultaneous release with the Windows counterpart.

9.7.2000 The second part of James Hills' LinuxWorld Conference & Expo gaming report is now on Gamespy. Read it here.

9.6.2000 Today we announce the formation of an Applications Group to port non-gaming programs to Linux. We have formed a strategic alliance with Trolltech to use Qt to achieve our goals. Read the full release here.

9.3.2000 This Friday we released the demo for SimCity 3000 Unlimited and version 428 of Unreal Tournament for Linux. We also announced our FAQlist, our new support tool, and the reference card for Descent 3. Enjoy!

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