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October 1999 News

10.27.99 Another pair of reviews, adding to the landslide: the folks at Linux Gaming Network have given us a great review of Myth II: Soulblighter for Linux, and to add a Teutonic flavor to the merriment, Linux Magazin has written a nice ditty about Railroad Tycoon II for all you German readers out there. Herzlichen Dank!

10.19.99 Tonight, it's the Loki Show, uh, Linux Show! Live at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time (7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, 9 pm Eastern, 0100 GMT), we're making another appearance tonight on the webcast of the Linux Show. Fire up your streaming audio client (either x11amp or RealPlayer) and pop in for a visit!

10.18.99 Double-barreled news: First off, we are now shipping the Linux version of the iron horse classic Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition! If you pre-ordered a copy, keep an eye on your mailbox. We are also now accepting pre-orders for Eric's Ultimate Solitaire for Linux. Get ready for some real fun!

10.14.99 We're pleased to announce the winners of the Loki Hack 1999 contest! First prize goes to Christopher Yeoh, who added numerous ideas and units to Civilization: Call to Power. Christopher won a VA Linux StartX MP computer, running Linux, of course. Other winners: Andrew Henderson, Ryon Gordon, Chris Swiedler and Joshua Shagam. Check out the Loki Hack 1999 page for more info, and have a look at the profiles page to get to know the other participants. More info is also on the press release. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the participants and sponsors!

10.14.99 LinuxWorld was kind enough to give us a glowing review of Railroad Tycoon II for Linux. Be sure to go and have a read about our latest release--which, by the way, is having its debut at the Atlanta Linux Showcase and will be shipping starting Monday, October 18. Get ready to fire the engines!

10.13.99 Loki Triumphant: We've gotten an in-depth inspection from CNET News.com, and they had plenty of interesting things to say. Plus, the übergeeks at Da Gameboyz were granted an audience, um, interview with our gracious president and the drum major of our consciousness, Scott Draeker. Check it out!

10.12.99 Great news for those of you who are still trying to make your minds about buying that copy of Civilization: Call to Power for Linux: we've released a demo version! Find out more about it on the demo page.

10.11.99 We're pleased to offer yet another open source project: Setup 1.0. This is an XML- and GTK-based graphic installer utility, with which you can quickly create an automated installer with a graphic front-end. Read more about it here.

10.11.99 Great news for fans of iron horses: we will be shipping Railroad Tycoon II for Linux this week! Stay tuned for more detailed information as it becomes available.

10.8.99 More good news about Loki: Over at Gamers' Alliance, you can get the inside angle on Loki in an interview with our very own fearless leader, resident visionary and levitating guru, Scott Draeker. Read all about it! We're also happy to note that the current issue of Linux Magazine has our name writ large: there is plenty of info about our games. Check it out!

10.5.99 If you're wanting more infos about the Loki Hack 1999 contest, then check out our new FAQ page all about it! We've added all kinds of information about what the contest is all about, what you can win, who can participate, and more. Have a look!

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