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12.23.99 Keep an eye on your store shelves at Fry's and Electronics Boutique--the Linux special edition of Quake III Arena will be hitting stores soon! "Fast Track" orders of Q3A for Linux are also still being shipped, and boxed orders will be shipping shortly. Suit up, lock and load!

12.21.99 To grace their new website, LinuxPower.org have written a new interview with bonafide members of our crew: Loki president Scott Draeker, and Sam Lantinga and Michael Vance, two of our glorious programming gods, are profiled there. Have a look!

12.20.99 Linux Magazine has proclaimed our very own swaggering president, Scott Draeker, to be one of the 50 faces to watch on the Linux scene. Hurry to get your copy of the December 1999 issue, so you can see his picture (and watch his face, natch)!

12.7.99 We are thrilled to announce that id Software has approved the Golden Master of Quake III Arena for Linux! This means that those of you who have pre-ordered Q3A for Linux should be getting your CDs real soon now, as soon as we can burn 'em and strap 'em to our mighty fleet of carrier penguins. Get ready to rock!

12.3.99 Yes, you heard right: thanks to our agreement with id Software, we're offering a special edition of the Linux version of Quake III Arena! Packed in a stunning special Linux-only tin case, this is the game all fans of Linux and digital mayhem have been waiting for. We're taking pre-orders for this special edition, too. For more information, see our special Quake III Arena page. Frag away--it's deathmatch time!

12.3.99 We're pleased to announce that Heretic II for Linux is now shipping! Find out more about Heretic II on the products page, or if you're really eager, head on over to our online ordering site!

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