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12.27.00 Gamesmania now offers a review of Heavy Gear II, the January/February 2001 issue of Maximum Linux features reviews of both Heretic 2 and Heavy Gear II, while the online edition boasts a review of Quake III Arena, and the German site Linux4Fun reviews Soldier of Fortune. Enjoy!

12.20.2000 Three of our games, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, Heavy Gear II and Soldier of Fortune , have been named Top Ten Holiday Toys by LinuxWorld. In other news, the good folks at TimeGate Studios have unveiled a site just for Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, the highly-anticipated fantasy real-time strategy time.

12.20.2000 Check out the Kohan dude on the cover of the January 2001 issue of Linux Journal! Inside there's also a great review of Soldier of Fortune, an article on SDL adapted from the upcoming Programming Linux Games book to be published by us and No Starch Press, and "The Story of OpenAL" by Loki senior programmer Bernd Kreiemeir. Get this issue from your local bookstore today!

12.12.2000 We announce a new version of SMPEG (v0.4.2) our open-source MPEG-1 playback library. For more information visit our SMPEG page.

12.07.2000 We release for public beta Unreal Tournament GOTY. Please refer to the README for complete information on this software.

12.01.2000 ShowMeLinux! has named us the Website of the Month! And you can read more about our games in these recent reviews and articles on the web: SimCity 3000 Unlimited on Maximum Linux, Soldier of Fortune on LinuxGames, Descent 3 on LinuxGames, and HOMM3 on Linux Gazette.

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