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June 28, 2001

New book teaches how to program Linux games with SDL, Open AL, and other APIs

San Francisco, CA--No Starch Press and Loki Software today announced the launch of the complete and authoritative guide to developing games for Linux. PROGRAMMING LINUX GAMES: LEARN TO WRITE THE GAMES LINUX PEOPLE PLAY (August 2001, 1-886411-49-2, $39.95, paperback, 432 pp., http://www.nostarch.com/plg.htm) guides readers through all the important Linux development tools and gaming APIs, with a special focus on Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). Written by the gaming masters at Loki Software, this book is the ultimate resource for Linux game developers.

PROGRAMMING LINUX GAMES discusses important multimedia toolkits while teaching the basics of Linux game programming. It includes detailed coverage of Linux graphics and audio interfaces as well as lots of real-world examples. Readers learn how to:

- Use the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) library to build a powerful scrolling game engine (complete with environmental audio and an embedded scripting system)
- Play sound effects and music with OSS, ALSA, ESD, and OpenAL
- Manage compressed audio streams with Ogg Vorbis
- Build a multiplayer game with TCP/IP sockets
- Write games for the Linux framebuffer console
- Construct professional-quality installation scripts for their games
- Distribute their game to the Linux community

Available in bookstores or from the Loki webstore (www.lokigames.com/orders) and No Starch Press (1-800-420-7240, www.nostarch.com), PROGRAMMING LINUX GAMES is the ultimate resource for writing and developing Linux games.

About Loki Software, Inc.

Loki Software, Inc. (www.lokigames.com) ports best-selling PC games to Linux. Loki supports several Open Source development projects, including OpenAL(tm), a cross-platform environmental audio library, and SMPEG, a general purpose MPEG video/audio player for Linux. John Hall is a computer science student at Georgia Institute of Technology and a contractor with Loki Software.

About Linux Journal Press

Linux Journal Press publishes computer books on cutting-edge Linux topics that help to advance the acceptance and usability of Linux. An imprint of No Starch Press (www.nostarch.com), Linux Journal Press titles are developed in partnership with Linux Journal (www.ssc.com and www.linuxjournal.com).

Contact Amanda Staab at 415-863-9900 or amanda@nostarch.com to schedule an interview or request a review copy.

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