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Loki in the News February 2000

Review of Heroes of Might and Magic III
The Linux Gurus, February 29, 2000

Linux-Mandrake 7.0 PowerPack available
LinuxPR, February 28, 2000

Review of Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition
Graphics Muse, February 24, 2000

Linux 3D and Games Seminar
The University of Southern California Linux Users Group, February 24, 2000

Playing with Linux
HappyPuppy, February 23, 2000

ATI Further Supports Linux by Offering Graphics Accelerated Video Playback
Excite, February 21, 2000

A Few Words with Michael Vance
Linux Games, February 18, 2000

Heretic 2 for Linux Review
TheNewOS.com, February 16, 2000

Linux As a Gaming PLatform.
GameDAILY, February 16, 2000

Linux World NYC: The Evolution of the Revolution
32BitsOnline, February 10, 2000

Strong Support for Games at the Linux Expo
LinuxGames, February 8, 2000

Linux picking up its game
ZDNetUK, February 4, 2000

Review of Quake III for Linux
The Linux Gurus, February 2, 2000

He Finds Open Source Fair Game
Wired, February 1, 2000

Railroad Tycoon II: For the Robber Baron in All of Us
Linux Magazine, February, 2000

Die Linux Games kommen! Heroes Of Might and Magic III
Linux Magazin, February, 2000

Review of Heretic II
LinuxWorld, February, 2000

Review of Heroes of Might and Magic III
LinuxGames, February, 2000

Review of Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition
GameBoyz, February, 2000

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