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Quake 3 Arena
linux4fun.de, April 30, 2000

Railroad Tycoon III
linux4fun.de, April 30, 2000

Quake III Arena
Nextgame, April 29, 2000

Heavy Gear II for Linux
Canux.com, April 27, 2000

Heavy Gear II: Loki does it again
Tucows.com, April 23, 2000

Railroad Tycoon II: For the Robber Baron in All of Us
Linux Magazine, April 20, 2000

Earn Prizes Fragging Business Guys
MaximumLinux.com, April 13, 2000

The Top 20 Influential People, Products and Companies in the Linux Graphics Marketplace.
GraphicsMuse, April 11, 2000

Heretic II Review
LinuxGames, April 7, 2000

Loki Does Linux
Checkout.com, April 1, 2000

MaxumumLinux Eric's Ultimate Solitaire review
April/May 2000 edition (page 40)

Mech mania
LinuxWorld, April, 2000

Die Linux Games kommen! Heroes of Might and Magic III
Linux Magazin, April, 2000

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