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Loki in the News December 1999

Quake III Arena for Linux Now Shipping
LinuxPR, December 31, 1999

Yellow Dog Linux SPECIAL EDITION Offered at MacWorld SF 2000
LinuxPR, December 29, 1999

LinuxPPC: The Undiscovered Linux Gem?
Linux Power, December 27, 1999

Loki Entertainment Software: Games, Games, Game
Linux Power, December 20, 1999

Linux and Gaming A No-Brainer? Anything but...
Linux.com, December 19, 1999

The future of gaming on the Linux platform
Linux.com, December 19, 1999

Navarre Expands Linux Distribution Offering
ECommerce Times, December 16, 1999

Stepping up to Setup, Loki's Open Source package installation utility
Graphics Muse, December 16, 1999

Linux-based Gamers Can Now Play Quake III Arena with Matrox G400 Graphics Cards
Matrox, December 14, 1999

Review of Quake III: Arena for Linux
Matt Matthews, December 13, 1999

Open Source Zealotry at 3dfx!
Linux Today, December 11, 1999

Emmett Plant: Let the Games Begin!
Linux Today, December 10, 1999

Could Linux IPOs be a better bet than Web ones?
The Register, December 7, 1999

VA Linux: A one-stop Linux support shop
CBS MarketWatch, December 6, 1999

Loki and id Team Up to Roll Out Quake III
Linux Journal, December 3, 1999

Review of Heroes of Might and Magic III for Linux
LinuxWorld, December 2, 1999

Taking Tux to the Third Dimension
Linux Journal, December 1, 1999

VA Linux Systems Partners with Loki
GA Source, December 1, 1999

VA Linux Throws Redhat the Gauntlet
Forbes, December 1, 1999

Who's Who in Linux
Linux Magazine, December, 2000

Civilization: Call to Power Review
ZioBudda, December, 1999

Review of Eric's Ultimate Solitaire for Linux
Linux Magazine, December, 1999

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