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How much does the game cost?
The original suggested retail price for the Windows and Linux versions is the same -- $49.95. We sell the product from our website at SRP to ensure that it will be available to anyone, anywhere. Our site is not meant to be the primary source for our products. We're working hard to make sure our products are available in all the places where people buy software, and the retailers who carry our games will have the ability to discount prices if they choose.

There is another issue involved in pricing over which we have no control. Although the wholesale price for the Windows and Linux versions is the same, some retailers may actually sell the Windows product at a loss. They sometimes do this with major hits in order to bring foot traffic into the stores and thus increase sales of other, higher margin products. This is something over which we have no control, and we simply urge customers to shop around and find the best deal.

How much does the game cost outside of the US?
We don't have any control over what retailers charge for our games, but our suggested retail prices and wholesale prices are identical in the US and Europe.

How can I order or buy the game?
Please see our new Distributor and Reseller List or order the game online.

Will there be a demo version?
Yes! Our demo is ready and functional. Please see the CivCTP demo page and the demo section of the FAQ.

Will I be able to buy an "upgrade" to the Linux version if I buy the Windows version?
Loki and Activision sell their respective versions of Civilization: Call to Power independently of the other. In addition, we pay royalties to Activision based on sales of the Linux version. We currently have no plans to provide a Linux 'upgrade' for purchasers of the Windows version, but will announce an upgrade policy on this website should that change.

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