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Does the Linux version have a map/scenario editor?
Activision released a map/scenario editor with their 1.1 patch. This is included in the Linux 1.1 version of Civ:CTP.

How do I load games from the pre-designed maps available from your site and Activision's web site?
Pre-designed maps are available here on our website or from Activision.

To use these maps, you just need to decompress them (use 'gunzip' for the files from our site, 'unzip' for the files from Activision), and then make a directory in ~/.civctp/save/games to put them in, and then copy the new files into the new directory. Then you should be able to load them just like a saved game.

How do I load units onto space planes?
To load units onto Space Planes, sleep them in a city or Air Base and have the Space Plane drop by and pick them up. Alternatively, if the Space Plane is already at an Air Base, moving another unit to the Air Base will load that unit onto the Space Plane. This same process will allow you to load Nukes onto Bombers.

How do I get phantom units to come down out of space?
Phantom units are essentially space units, and not designed to come back down out of space once launched.

How do I attack a city that's on a small (one square) island?
Only marine units can do amphibious assaults (directly from a ship to the point of attack). You can bombard the city down with ships or planes, but to actually walk in and take it, you'll need marines (yes, this does mean that these cities are basically invincible early in the game). There was a bug in 1.0 which caused the game to crash on amphibious assaults, so if the game crashes when you try to do this, make sure you get and install the 1.1 patch.

Why does the game crash when I try to attack a city with a paratrooper?
This is a known bug, and we are working on a fix. In the meanwhile, just drop paratroopers next to the city to attack and have them walk in (or for cities built on small islands, you'll have to use marines to take the city).

Where can I get more game tips?
Have a look at the game tips page for more information about getting the most out of Civilization: Call to Power for Linux.

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