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System and Software Requirements

What are the system requirements for the game? How do the requirements compare to the Windows version?
The listed system requirements are the same. That said, we think Linux users will enjoy all the benefits of Linux while running the game. It's not emulated at all, but a fully native Linux application running under X11.

Minimum system requirements

Linux kernel 2.0.x or 2.2.x
GNU C Libraries (glibc) 2.x
Pentium 133 MHz
or PowerPC 133MHz
4-speed CD-ROM drive
80 MB swap


400 MB free disk space
X Window System
16-bit color
Network card (for net play)
Internet connection (for Internet play)
OSS compatible sound card (for sound)

Does the game use 3D acceleration?

In what environment does the game run? Does it run in X or from the console with SVGALIB?
The Linux version ships with support for X11R6. We may support the framebuffer console in the future and possibly other fullscreen APIs as well If so, a free upgrade will be available for download.

Can the game be played on all distributions of Linux?
We have spent a significant amount of development time ensuring that Civ:CTP works properly with all major distributions.

The shipping version of Civ:CTP works with all glibc systems. However, networking didn't function correctly on systems which used glibc 2.1, but this has been fixed with the 1.1 patch, which is available on the support page.

Because the game is designed for glibc, libc5 users may need to upgrade.

Can I play Civ:CTP on FreeBSD with Linux emulation?
This is not an officially supported platform. However, some have made the game work on FreeBSD 3.1, by recompiling the kernel to support Posix extensions.

Will you be offering support for PPC and Alpha platforms?
The release CD contains i386 binaries and data files. We have posted to our website the beta binaries for PPC and alpha platforms, which are available on the support page. With the assistance of Terra Soft Solutions, we will release the final version of the PPC binaries. To play Civ:CTP on a Mac, you need to buy the Linux version of the game, and then download and install download the PPC binaries. You will need to use Yellow Dog Champion Server 1.1 or LinuxPPC 5.0.

The patch supporting the Alpha chip is pre-beta, and does not yet offer networking or scenario support. It has been tested on 2.2.11 and 2.3.18 kernel versions. Kernel version 2.2.12 and versions prior to 2.2.11 have known bugs which cause problems with CivCTP.

Both the PPC and Alpha update patches should be installed on top of a fresh 1.0 install. For users in Europe (where only the 1.1 version is being distributed), when the 1.2 patch is available, you'll be able to patch to alpha or PPC.

Save game formats will be compatible among all platform versions.

Does the game support Esound?
Version 1.1 has native support for esound. Esddsp (a dynamically loadable object which will redirect /dev/dsp to esound) did not work with 1.0 because it's statically linked. You can get the 1.1 patch on the support page.

Can I use my SBLive! card with Civ:CTP?
The problems initially experienced by SBLive! users have apparently been solved in the latest open source drivers from Creative Labs.

Does the game fully support X-Windows? Would I be able to run the Linux game using an X-term on a Windows machine?
Some people have been able to do this, but it tends to be slow and requires a very fast network connection between the two machines. It is an unsupported configuration.

Does the game run from the CD?
It does not run from CD, and must be installed onto your hard disk.

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