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Heroes III

Ancient heroes and powerful mystics await you in your quest for glory! Now 3DO's new strategy and fantasy powerhouse Heroes of Might and Magic III has come to Linux!

Strap on your armor and get ready to lead the charge into battle. Organize your legions of sorcerers, knights and beasts to fight the common foe...and hopefully your name will pass into legend.

Thanks to Loki's programming prowess, we are proud to present Heroes of Might and Magic III for Linux! Keep your eye on this page for updates as they become available.

Heroes III News

10.28.00 We're offering a beta version (beta6) of the Heroes III Map Editor for Linux here. Please note that this beta is only available for Intel Pentium-compatible computers, and it requires either the full version of Heroes III or the demo. The demo will not play custom maps. Read the full readme here.

Minimum System Requirements
Linux Kernel 2.2.x
Processor Pentium-class processor or PowerPC 200MHz
Video Video card capable of 800x600 resolution; XFree86 version 3.2 or newer; 16-bit color
CD-ROM 4x CD-ROM drive
Sound /dev/dsp sound device for audio (Enlightenment Sound Daemon is also supported)
Hard disk Minimum 150 MB free space

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