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RT2 Demo

Where can I get the RT2 demo version?
See the RT2 demo page for a list of mirrors from which to download. Check this page often if you have problems, as we're working on getting more mirrors set up.

What are the system requirements? Any different than the requirements for the commercial version?
The requirements listed for the commercial version of the game are the same as those for the demo, except that the demo requires only 85+ MB of hard disk space, as opposed to 170+ for the commercial version.

How do I install the demo? Any tricks?

  1. Pull down the rt2-demo.tar.gz archive from one of our mirrors
  2. Go to the directory in which you would like to install the demo. Make sure that you have write permissions to the directory. (ex. cd /usr/local/games)
  3. Unpack the archive (ex. if you downloaded the archive into your home directory: tar -xzvf ~/rt2-demo.tar.gz). A new 'rt2_demo' directory should have been created.
  4. To run the game, just go to the new game directory and type './rt2' (or create symbolic links, or add the rt2_demo directory to your path).

Any known problems with the demo?
The only major problem that we're aware of is that the game crashes when you try to enter sandbox mode (which should have been disabled for the demo anyway).

Is the demo supported at all?
We don't offer telephone or e-mail support for the demo version, but we do want to take care of any problems/bugs that might exist, so we would be grateful if anyone experiencing problems would report those on our bug server/database. And, of course, our on-line resources (including this one) are available on our support page.

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