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How do I install the game?

  1. Mount the CD-ROM using the "mount" command. If you are unsure how this works, please check the documentation for your Linux distribution. Generally, the format for mounting a CD-ROM under Linux is similar to:
    mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
  2. Under X11, enter the command "sh [Mounted CD-ROM Path]/setup.sh". Be sure to replace the [Mounted CD-ROM Path] portion of this command with the correct path for the mounted CD-ROM. In the example above, the command would be:
    sh /mnt/cdrom/setup.sh
  3. Under 'Global Options':
    • Enter the directory into which the game should be installed in the Install path: box. In the box labeled Binary directory, enter a directory in your $PATH where a symbolic link for the binary should be set up. Make sure you have write permissions in both of these directories.
  4. Under 'Install Options':
    • You must install 'Base Install' (the basic game files). You may choose to leave the Campaigns and the corresponding movie files on the CD. If you wish to write these files to your hard drive, click in the corresponding boxes.
    • Below the Install Options, the installer will display how much space is left on your partition, and how much the game will use per the options selected (181 MB just for the base install).
    • Check in the box for KDE/Gnome menu items if you would like them installed.
  5. You may view the game README at this point if you wish, by clicking on 'View Readme'. Otherwise, click on 'Begin Install' to begin the copying of files.
  6. When the game has finished installing, you may choose either to launch it directly (click on 'Play!') or to simply exit and run the game from the console.
  7. To run the game generally, just type 'rt2' from the console (you shouldn't have to enter the complete path).

Do I have to be logged in as root to install the game?
No, but you do have to have write privileges to /usr/local/games (or wherever you install the game).

After I install the game, it won't start, and gives me a 'Segmentation Fault' error. I can't run the game at all.
Chances are, you're running a Soundblaster Live! card with the beta drivers from Creative Labs. See further down in the faq for a workaround.

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