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How do I keep Window Manager Task Bars from getting in my way when playing the game?
The power and flexibility of the Linux window managers makes them very nice for the user. Unfortunately they make the user interface completely non-standard. There's no way to tell beforehand what keys are remapped, no way to tell whether or not your window has decorations, etc.

Here are suggestions for some of the major window managers:

Does the game have GNOME or KDE support (adding itself to task bars, etc)?
Just make sure the box next to "Desktop menu items (KDE/Gnome)" in the setup screen is selected, and the game will add itself to the KDE/Gnome menu.

How can I iconify the game and have it run in the background?
Typing CNTL-z iconifies the game. When the game is iconified, it is paused and uses very little CPU time.

How do I set my path so that it can access the game directory?
export PATH=$PATH:[installation directory]

How can I change my screen size? Is it possible to run RT2 in a window rather than at full screen size?
RT2 always runs in 1024x768 resolution. So if you want to run the game in a window, you could start your X server in 1152x864, 1280x860 or 1600x1200 resolution.

How can I get the game to play fullscreen if I'm not logged in as root?
If you're running in 1024x768 resolution, the game will use the whole screen. If you want the game to use the DGA extensions to switch to fullscreen, run the game as root. DGA fullscreen allows slightly better performance by writing to /dev/mem directly, rather than going through X buffers. To allow non-root access to this, you need to put yourself in a trusted group and give the group access to /dev/mem. NOTE: This is a security risk and should not be used on machines where security is important.

When I try to scroll with the mouse, I have a hard time scrolling up and down, as my hidden task bars keep getting in the way. What can I do?
In addition to scrolling with the mouse, you can also scroll with the arrow keys. Also, with a three button mouse, pressing the middle button and dragging will scroll the screen around.

How can I maximize graphics speed when running the game?
There are a couple of tricks that will speed things up for you:

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