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Network Game Play

How do I chat in a network game?
Hit the TAB key and a type what you want to say. The text should appear along the bottom of the screen as you type it, and disappear when you hit Enter.

How do I individualize my character in the game?
In the initial TCP/IP dialogue, where you select or create a server, click 'Change' to modify characteristics of your player. (name, picture, description, etc.)

How do I play a network/internet game through a Linux Masquerading firewall?
RT2 does not support playing through a firewall at this time.

Do the computers have to be on the same subnet to play networked games of RT2?
No. All players just need to know the IP address of the server machine. The game doesn't rely on broadcasts, so machines needn't be on the same subnet to play.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in both 1.54 and 1.54a that prevents connections from outside the same subnet from working. This will be fixed in a later update.

Are there no internet servers to connect to? How are connections made?
There are no public internet servers to connect to for RT2. Basically, you will just have to set up times with friends to start games, and agree on one machine to host. One machine acts as server, and all of the other machines enter its IP address to connect.

Can you join a game once it's in progress?
No. Games are closed once they're started. All players start off in a lobby, have a chance to approve/disapprove of settings, and then once all have approved and the game is launched, no new players can join.

On a multihomed host, how do I tell the game which interface to use?
Edit the file ~/.loki/rt2/userprofile.txt and add the line "ipaddress = X.X.X.X", where X.X.X.X is the IP address of the interface you want to use.

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