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Everything keeps running along, and I don't have time to do any planning! How do I pause the game?
Pressing the "Pause" key pauses the game without minimizing; "Ctrl-z" pauses and minimizes the game.

NOTE: Some Window Managers may bind the "Pause" key, and using the "+" and "-" keys will also speed up and slow down game play. (Slowing down to 0 is the same as pausing.)

I can't build any tracks. Everywhere I try, the game tells me that I don't have rights to build there. How do I get rights?
Click on the little factory icon down at the bottom of the screen. Then double click on your company's name.

On the book that comes up, click on the "Territories" tab, and click "Consult" under the territory in which you would like to build. You have to purchase rights for each territory separately.

I built some track, two stations, and a train. Now my train is telling me that no track is available. What's going on?
You've probably purchased an electric train, and are trying to run it on regular tracks. In order to use electric trains at all, you have to lay electric tracks (the track with the little lightning bolt on it that comes up at the bottom of the screen when you're laying tracks).

My trains keep stopping in between stations. What am I doing wrong?
First of all, check the grade on your tracks. The steeper the grade, the slower your trains will go (and some won't go at all over some grades with some loads). Even for mildly steep grades, you'll want to lighten the load on your trains.

Also, make sure that you have water and sand towers at at least one stop in the train's route.

How can I tell where a certain resource/product is produced on the map if I need it for another town?
Click on the "Map Overview" icon (the little globe) on the left side of the screen. Then choose the resource that you would like to track from the list that comes up.

Now the resource you're trying to track should be the only one written on the map. Zoom the map out for a more comprehensive view. Facilities which demand the resource have the name written next to them in yellow, and producers are written in white.

Does the Linux version have a map/scenario editor?
Yes, there is a map editor with the Linux version of RT2. Start it by clicking the "Editor" button on the initial game screen. Then you can decide whether you want to edit an existing map, or create a new one from scratch.

How do I load games from the pre-designed maps available from your site and PopTop's web site?
Pre-designed maps are available from PopTop.

To use these maps, you just need to decompress them ('unzip' for the files from PopTop), and then copy the .mp2 etc. files into the game directory's "maps" subdirectory. Then you should be able to load them just like other single player scenario maps.

Where can I get more game tips?
Have a look at PopTop's game tips page for more information about getting the most out of Railroad Tycoon II: Gold Edition for Linux.

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