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Any updates to RT2? If so, where can I download the patch(es)?
We have released a 1.54a patch which addresses a few small issues in the release version. The patch is available here on our website for x86 architecture only.

What problems are addressed in this update?

This update provides the following improvements:

How do I apply the 1.54a update?

Just run the script. It will autodetect your installation, and modify/add the files it needs to. It doesn't matter where the script is in your filesystem when you run it. It doesn't have to be in the game directory.

sh rt2-1.54a-x86.sh
NOTE: You don't have to be logged in as root to run the upgrade, but you do need to have write permissions to the game directory and files. (It's a good idea to run the upgrade script logged in as the same user under which you installed the game.)

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