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In many situations, it's crucial that you meticulously plan and organize your combat strategy, carefully executing it when the moment is right. This isn't one of them. After all, when your enemies are wielding weapons like the murderous Redeemer, there's no time to think -- there's only time to fire fast enough to ensure that the blood on the wall isn't yours.

Welcome to the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding world of Unreal Tournament by Epic Games, a universe where it's better to shoot first and shoot again -- then reload. Unreal Tournament pits players against ruthless bots or other human players in one of six game modes, each with totally new weapons and over 45 levels to use them in. Hone your skills in single-player practice mode, and then join a server to see how you rank among others in true multiplayer mayhem!

And best of all, it's for Linux -- the mass destruction of heavy weapons meets the firepower of your favorite operating system!

Loki is proud to support and maintain Unreal Tournament for Linux. While Loki is pursuing bundling opportunities, there are no plans at this time to offer a boxed Linux version of this game. You may purchase the Windows version from here and then download the binaries here.